what is abor?

Tapì Group Project
  • Abor is our first design to make use of distillation waste products, in complete synergy with the circular economy.
  • The materials selected for the blend are plant-based and biodegradable
  • The closure relates details about the bottled spirit’s terroir in a unique way.

Abor is the result of an eco-friendly concept that supports all of Tapì Group's commitments to excellence and sustainability.

the principles

The principles of the Abor project

Tapì Group Principles
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The Abor project is based on the reuse of RESIDUAL MATERIAL from the distillation process.
No ”live” plant material is used, but a SECOND LIFE is given to the material at the end of its life, which otherwise would have to be disposed of and not valued.


The main advantages of Abor

Tapì Group Reuse

Reuse of raw materials

Tapì Group Reduce

Made from biopolymers

Tapì Group ReThink

Rethink the materials to make it reusable in its entirety

Tapì Group Respect

Respect the environment using natural and sustainable material

Tapì Group Laser

Customizable with laser

The advantages of NEOS technology

  • It reduces a product’s carbon footprint.
  • It promotes the use of raw materials from renewable sources on all levels.
  • Product performance remains unaltered.

With NEOS technology, the use of bio-based polymers, derived from raw vegetable resources, is strongly encouraged as a sustainable alternative to fossil-based polymers, resulting in both lower environmental impact and comparable mechanical performance to traditional polymers.


NEOS is available in three different aesthetics:
Neos, Neos+Alias and Neos+Replica.




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Tapì Group Info

LEI is the acronym that defines tapì’s corporate mission in a simple way: to contribute to the lowering of the environmental impact, thus taking care of our planet.
LEI, moreover, is understood as the personification of Mother Earth, the one who takes care of the world and who teaches us to respect the environment in which we live

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