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angle-left Tapì's sustainable spirit now has a name: LEI
08 settembre 2020

Tapì's sustainable spirit now has a name: LEI

LEI - Low Environmental Impact - is the acronym that provides a simple definition of Tapì's corporate mission: to contribute to reducing its environmental impact and, as a result, caring for the Planet.

LEI, is understood as being the personification of Mother Earth, she who looks after the world and teaches us to respect the environment in which we live.

LEI was devised to give a clear identity to company projects, product ranges, technologies, production processes and best practices that we can define as sustainable, or rather, designed and developed to have as little impact as possible on the environment.

Green design, transparency, customer satisfaction and sustainability: these are the values at the heart of Tapì's vision for the present and future.

For the last 20 years, we have been committed to guaranteeing production methods, supply chains and machining processes for materials that are as sustainable as possible, adopting alternative and renewable energy sources and continually investing in research and innovation. Nowadays, we design and manufacture sustainable closures with a low environmental impact in line with the green-design demands from our markets.

One of these is NEOS, an innovative technology capable of reducing the carbon footprint of products by using bioplastics from renewable sources, which allow us to produce eco-sustainable closures while the technical performance remains unaltered.

Another one is Abor: the innovative production process used to manufacture closures for the spirits industry by using the distillation waste from our own customers, re-using raw materials that would otherwise by disposed of and creating a packaging element capable of telling the story of the product it is sealing.

Still with the concept of recycling, we also launched T-Cask, a process to recover wood from the barrels used to age products that have reached the end of their life cycle. This gives us the opportunity to produce craft closures with a green spirit.

We also devised a correct recycling for components with Duo, a closure with head and stem that can be manually dismantled. This laid the foundations for a hybrid closure solution known as Pure, an alternative to the everyday solutions in plastic or cork, and made up of a combination of bioplastics generated from renewable sources - NEOS - and sterilised micro granules of natural cork, held together without the use of polyurethane glues.


This, and much more, is LEI, a kind of return to one's roots, where respect for the natural and environmental elements was at the base of any action carried out by humankind. Similarly inspired, we too at Tapì are today working towards a more sustainable company organisation, with constant focus on the demands and requirements of our employees, co-workers and customers, with a view to proposing product and service solutions capable of satisfying our market, while protecting our Planet.


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