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angle-left Mini T-mix Wood and Mini T-mix Synthetic by Tapì
09 marzo 2019

T-mix: Tapì’s new mini-pourers for the condiments sector

Small pourers dedicated to high-quality condiments, Tapì’s new Mini T-Mix range for the world of oil and condiments was specifically designed for sealing smaller bottles of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Mini Tmixes come in different materials and sizes. So the leg can be 13, 14 or 16 mm in length, with either a wooden or a synthetic head.

The new Tapì Mini T-Mix range is the solution to an issue which often comes up, of the best way to close smaller packaging. For example, very often, balsamic vinegar producers are forced to use a T-cap for their bottles. Mini Tmix is a pourer which can perfectly seal any smaller bottle, giving the packaging a very personalized look, as there are so many different ways of customizing the closure.


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