About us


We set new directions and trends in the Packaging Design sector, partnering with leading producers of spirits, wine, cosmetics, condiments and beer.

Our bar-top closure designs combine the simplicity of an exclusive product with the craftsmanship, boldness and technical know-how you would expect from the Made in Italy label.

For a better understanding of the essence that lies at the heart of Tapì, we need to picture its history as the journey of an idea. An idea that was the brainchild of Alberto Baban and Nicola Mason, who founded the business in Italy's Northeast, an area that's always been known for its entrepreneurial spirit and faith in hard work. An idea as simple as it was well timed: revolutionizing the bar-top closure market by introducing creativity, function and an array of hitherto inconceivable visual options.

It was a huge change for the time and, for Tapì, it would be the first step on an amazing adventure. Because that idea, driven by research and creativity, with a generous side helping of style and beauty, would go on to be a worldwide success.

From our headquarters outside Venice, Tapì now serves over 3,000 Customers in over 60 countries with an endless supply of unique creations.


We have an international group that brings ideas and expertise to the table to address needs and work together towards a common goal: ongoing innovation. Through continuous dialogue and dynamic teams that draw on appropriate skill sets and training for the mission at hand, we manage to anticipate trends in the various markets with our flexible approach, which also accommodates tailor-made designs.


Taking the lead, not following, even (and especially) when challenges seemingly cross into the realm of the impossible, because that's when the most successful designs are forged. Dynamism is our hallmark: not just in our manufacturing operations, but in every aspect of our daily business. We keep our finger on the vibrating pulse of the markets and environment we do business in, always looking for unexplored opportunities and for whatever technology will best benefit the customer.


The best designs stem from experience and dedication. Tapì's story is littered with milestones, every obstacle overcome with heart and soul.


How could we claim that design is our core strength if we failed to fuel it with ideas? Innovation is borne out of creativity and constant two-way dialogue with the customer.

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