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Tapì: design packaging company

Storia, Design, Innovazione: disegniamo nuove direttrici e tendenze nel settore del Packaging Design affiancando i migliori produttori di spirits, vino, cosmetica, condimenti e birra. Scopri i nostri valori e le nostre ispirazioni. Condividi con noi il viaggio Tapì.

From the headquarters near Venice, Tapì supports nowadays over 3.000 Customers in more than 60 Countries with unique creations. An International Group that shares ideas, skills, needs, directing them towards innovation.

The pulsanting heart of the group is Tapì Research & Development: the division dedicated to the research of new technical solutions, new productive procedures and the development of new products.

The attention to the quality and innovation of Tapì products is inescapable from a safe and sustainable production that adopts renewable sources of energy.

Integrated Management SystemHere at Tapì, we aim to achieve clearly-defined shared objectives. To do that, the company’s work needs to be organized in a transparent fashion, into a set of rules and procedures…

The strength of Tapì is to be a design company with more than 300 coworkers all over the world, that reinforces its presence with a global clientele.

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