Tapì Wine Division is the heart of the group devoted to the wine market sector.
A range of highly innovative environmentally friendly and hi-tech closures that don't require a corkscrew, to preserve the aromas of the wine for years to come.

The innovative materials used, derived from the biomedical sector, deliver an effective barrier to oxygen, organoleptic neutrality and complete food safety. .

Tapì Wine collections stand out for their ergonomically designed shapes, combining functional quality with a uniquely enjoyable end user experience.


Tapì at Unified Wine&Grape Symposium

Tapì at Unified Wine&Grape Symposium

17 January 2018

Tapì will also be there, at Booth 342, presenting our latest innovations for the wine and spirits sectors.



04 December 2017

Tapì presents Dual Shield, a revolution in the concept of closures – the first cap whose barrier performance adapts over time to the evolving needs of the wine inside, while keeping the aromatic component fully intact. ​.

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