Tapì offers closure solutions for spirits designed with meticulous attention to detail to generate a unique brand personality.

Premium materials are selected and designed in hitherto inconceivable finishes and custom options: genuine design masterpieces that make any bottle stand out from the crowd.

To date, we've produced bar-top closures for over hundred brands of liqueur, vodka, rum, grappa and other spirits, taking Italian style and quality to the world.


Signature Wood

Signature Wood

17 February 2018

Wood essences dressed in elegant finishings, with details in gold, bronze and copper effect: this is the Wood Inspiration line in the exclusive Signature by Tapì range.



16 February 2018

There are so many ways of imagining a closure. And then there’s the right way to make it. Starcap is the line of Tapì closures in natural and anodised aluminium for various types of bottle – packaging packed with personality.

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