Tapì offers closure solutions for spirits designed with meticulous attention to detail to generate a unique brand personality.

Premium materials are selected and designed in hitherto inconceivable finishes and custom options: genuine design masterpieces that make any bottle stand out from the crowd.

To date, we've produced bar-top closures for over hundred brands of liqueur, vodka, rum, grappa and other spirits, taking Italian style and quality to the world.


Leblon Cachaça

Leblon Cachaça

29 January 2019

Leblon Cachaça is a craft distillate made in traditional copper stills, filtered three times to eliminate any residue, and then finished in used cognac barrels. Its simple yet refined packaging has won it a San Francisco…

Secreto Peruano Sour

Secreto Peruano Sour

25 January 2019

A Chef from Peru has a secret that, though it cannot be told, will enthral your taste buds and nose. A bottle that at one and the same time discloses and withholds a secret that the world is eager to know, sealed by Tapì’s…

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