Oil tells a story of tradition, history and quality.

To preserve the flavour of what has to be one of the most counterfeited food items, Tapì has come up with a range of patented closures that cater to the need for a lovely natural feel while providing the security of a non-refillable, anti-counterfeit pourer that can cope with the viscosity of this kind of liquid, offering a non-drip solution.

Strict compliance with national and international legislation regulating the food packaging industry becomes part of a unique innovation process capable of delivering a premium look that's also 100% secure.




30 July 2018

How far can customization of closures go? Until a closure becomes an exclusive signature, in tailor-made projects that give life to the unique items in the Signature Collection.

Oil - Sur Les Quais

Oil - Sur Les Quais

23 July 2018

A special selection that no good connoisseur’s table can be without: these are the terroir olive oils from the French haute cuisine brand SUR LES QUAIS, with an aluminium pourer/closure by Tapì.

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