Oil tells a story of tradition, history and quality.

To preserve the flavour of what has to be one of the most counterfeited food items, Tapì has come up with a range of patented closures that cater to the need for a lovely natural feel while providing the security of a non-refillable, anti-counterfeit pourer that can cope with the viscosity of this kind of liquid, offering a non-drip solution.

Strict compliance with national and international legislation regulating the food packaging industry becomes part of a unique innovation process capable of delivering a premium look that's also 100% secure.


Signature Wood

Signature Wood

17 February 2018

Wood essences dressed in elegant finishings, with details in gold, bronze and copper effect: this is the Wood Inspiration line in the exclusive Signature by Tapì range.

Tapì range dedicated to the world of olive oil

Tapì range dedicated to the world of olive oil

16 February 2018

Not just spirits. Here at Tapì, we also have a range of functional and design closures for olive oil producers, for optimum product storage and use.

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