Flying in the face of tradition, the Tapì Beer range introduces patented innovations to offer producers in the beer world a raft of never-before-seen customizing options.

Effervescent collections specifically designed for a sector that's breaking new ground in packaging experimentation.

The stoppers made specifically for the beer world ensure a long-lasting leak-free seal, are compatible with the most commonly used pasteurizing and hot-fill processes, and can be reused for resealing the bottle without losing any of their effectiveness, providing the ultimate environmentally sustainable solution.


Tapì at Intervitis - Interfructa 2016

Tapì at Intervitis - Interfructa 2016

30 November 2016

From 27th to 30th November come to see Tapì new collections at Intervitis - Interfructa in Stuttgart

​Tapì at Emballage All4Pack 2016

​Tapì at Emballage All4Pack 2016

03 November 2016

From 14th to 17th November we’ll present our new disclosures at Emballage All4Pack at Paris

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