What is beauty? For Italians, it's the coming together of the great and the simple, the synthesis of excellence, it's something quite rare that manages to convey at once harmony, elegance and wonder. Like a piece of jewellery, like a work of art, like the Signature collection.
Unique pieces that combine the sensory quality of wood, good old-fashioned craftsmanship and an appreciation of the aesthetic that's such an essential part of the Made in Italy label. An expression of class and exclusivity designed by Tapì.

Your Signature

Each piece in the Signature collection comes with myriad design options, taking personality and uniqueness to the next level.
And if you need to customize the closure further, we have the know-how to help you design your ideal product, fine-tuning the shape, colours or details to best reflect your brand.


Karukera Rhum Agricole Fût 65: the quintessential spirit of Guadeloupe

Karukera Rhum Agricole Fût 65: the quintessential spirit of Guadeloupe

17 December 2018

A fine, dark amber distillate with a rare fullness, Karukera Rhum Agricole Fût 65 was created at Guadeloupe’s oldest distillery. With its intense nose and persistent spicy, fruity, sweet notes, on the palate it is aromatically…

Signature Ceramic Stone Effect

Signature Ceramic Stone Effect

23 November 2018

Signature Stone, the new closure designed by Tapì as part of the Signature Ceramic range, uses an ecological material (ceramics, of course) combined with a leg that can be made out of a synthetic material, cork or micro-agglomerate,…

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