Revò: the technological innovation and Italian design in the beer sector

Revò is the new brand that identifies the Tapì Group’s beer business unit. Investments in research and development and technology focused on beer reflect the Group’s desire to focus on an evolving, export-driven market and the new openings provided by craft and pub breweries.

Mekano is an innovative mechanical closure born from our desire to implement technological innovation and create new aesthetic trends in the beer sector. Mekano is is organoleptically neutral and therefore suitable for any type of bottle in the food sector. It is produced with raw materials compliant with the most authoritative international standards for food-contact materials.

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Beer House

Beer House

24 April 2018

Tapì’s Mekano closure was chosen by the Ukrainian craft beer brand Beer House: its functionality and custom details bring out all the product’s personality.

International Forum of Brewers and Restaurateurs - Kiev

International Forum of Brewers and Restaurateurs - Kiev

23 April 2018

Flagship of our Revò business unit, Mekano was one of the stars at the Forum of Brewers and Restaurateurs in Kiev, Ukraine, on the 12th and 13th of April.

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