Tapì at the Modernisation of the EU-Mexico Trade Agreement

Oportunidades de Negocios

Tapì at the Modernisation of the EU-Mexico Trade Agreement – Trade Opportunities

On 5 February 2019 , we flew to Mexico to the conference on the Modernisation of the EU-Mexico Trade Agreement held at the Ministry of Economy’s Auditorium in Mexico City.

The voices of Klaus Rudischhauser, EU ambassador to Mexico, and Sergio Contreras, Vice-President of COMCE (the Mexican Foreign Trade Commission), kicked off the event which featured case studies of various business opportunities, following the signing of a free trade agreement between Mexico and the European Union.

Luz María de la Mora, Undersecretary for Foreign Trade at the Ministry of the Economy and Helena König, the EU Deputy Director-General for Trade, outlined the changes and opportunities for expanding the exchange of goods, the customs simplifications and the new investment measures.

The Global Free Trade Agreement between Mexico and the European Union helped Mexican trade grow by 242%, making Europe the country’s third largest trading partner.

Based on these data, Tapì sent a delegation, with a presentation by Group CEO Roberto Casini, together with Jose Velez, general manager of Interglass; Armando Bonilla, International Director of Grisi; Hector Martinez, founding partner of Grupo Paisano and Edgar Ciceño,Strategy Director at SAFRAN. The round table featured numerous success stories, specifically to outline what, in practice, the Global Agreement entails.

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