Starlight Mix by Tapì

Starlight Mix: the pourer cap that will give your products style

Brightness, colour and unique highlights: these are the characteristics of Starlight Mix, the pourer cap that will give your packaging its exclusive feel.

Starlight Mix was designed to ensure sealability for the liquid inside, eliminating any risk of the pourer breaking or coming apart. The various parts of the pourer are assembled using a cutting-edge ultrasonic welding technique, which uses no glue, in order to preserve the quality of the liquid inside.

Aesthetically pleasing and functional, every detail of Starlight Mix is customizable. The head, lockring and leg can be made either transparent or with solid colours, thus creating creative combinations of tints and shades.

Light and colour interchange, attracting the eye with their irresistible elegance – Starlight Mix is this and much more.

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