Side Embossing closure featuring the name of the Founder of “Distillerie Franciacorta”

The Italian distillery “Distillerie Franciacorta” recently launched a new distinctive shape bottle design for its “Grappa Piave ‘Selezione cuore’ 40°”, an iconic brand in Italy, distinguished by its remarkable quality and craft.

Tapì Group supplied “Distillerie Franciacorta” a customized side-embossed closure featuring the name of founder of the company, Mr. Luigi Gozio, who created the company in 1901 by distilling the pomace of grapes.

The Company’s slogan “New life to tradition” and the new packaging design of the “Grappa Piave ‘Selezione cuore’ 40°”, is how Distillerie Franciacorta continues to connect with the traditions of the past, while giving new life to the product and by giving clients the opportunity to connect with its history.

Tapì Group is proud to have been selected to be a part of the project and for supplying the closure to the tradition-inspired packaging.

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