Interview to Mr Roberto Casini

The Wine Industry of Ukraine is well-established and with long traditions.

Recently the Ukrainian magazine AZ interviewed Mr. Roberto Casini, entrepreneur and Managing Director of Microcell, a Tapì Group Company, which is also the second producer in the world for alternative wine closures. Here is Mr. Casini reply regarding the entry of Microcell into Tapì Group.

Journalist: Recently we published an article on Tapì Group, which as I understand is now your parent company. What brought the two companies together?

Roberto Casini: In a market that is constantly evolving, the strategic entry of Microcell into Tapì Group last year, extends and completes the group with a wide range of closures for wine, a sector where the group was scarcely present in the past. Tapì and Microcell share a common commitment to quality and Italian design in order to give clients the freedom to think in any possible direction, to create new identities or branding. This is the spirit that brought the two companies together.

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